Elliott Barnes for Delisle Paris

Upon obtaining a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Cornell University in 1985, Elliott Barnes began his professional career in the Los Angeles offices of Arthur Erickson Architects. In 1987 he met Andrée Putman who proposed that he join her office in Paris. Project designer and then partner, he became director of Putman’s firm in 1997. He contributed to the development and expansion of her office and its projects until 2003. In 2004 he founded the office of Elliott Barnes Interiors to express his own pure and eclectic vision.

In 2019, Elliott designed the Poinciana collection for Delisle Paris. Delisle was created 125 years ago by artist, Henry Delisle. Creation through sketches, drawings, and sculpture is the heart of the company. Today, their core business is to partner with talented interior designers and architects to create exceptional bespoke lighting, furniture, and decorative objects. Elliott Barnes’ collection for Delisle Paris is the perfect echo to this strategy and features innovative designs utilizing noble materials such as patinated bronze, upholstered leather, and alabaster. The result is a perfect balance of contemporary, pure design and authentic, raw materials.