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At Kneedler Fauchere, we’re a lot of things. We’re dreamers and napkin doodlers and tinkerers and space improvers—but above all, we're believers. 

We believe in the power of design and the designer.

And we’ve flown that flag proudly since the late 1940s. Today, we stand for the same love and passion for the interior design industry that drove our founders all those decades ago. Come see us in our showrooms for a coffee and a chat, or join our online community for lively discussion and maybe a few new friends.

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French artist AUDE HERLÉDAN has compiled an incredible body of work over the years - not only as a painter and sculptor, but also as an advertising executive and documentary filmmaker. She was kind enough to answer our questions about her life, influences, and advice for young creatives.

Paris Deco Off 2019 — Recap

Paris Design Week. What can be said of this soul-nourishing week that can’t be better expressed in a long, enthusiastic Happy Dance? We look forward to it all year. The familiar faces and smiles. The inspiration that sustains us for months to come. The new. The bold. The beautiful. And this past January was no exception. We caught up with a few of those aforementioned familiar faces to get their thoughts on what went down.

Doin it for the Gram

How Hotels & Restaurants are Guiding our Taste Via our Favorite Social App

As it happens, the rules for turning your restaurant or boutique hotel into Instagram bait are the same as whipping up a batch of four-alarm chili — make sure the ingredients are fresh and, of course, go bold or go home! But how bold is too bold? Where’s the line between shameless millennial baiting and pioneering aesthetic vision? And should the cornbread go in the chili or like on the side?*

*Sorry we got lost in our own simile.


In 1948, Dorothy Kneedler and Lucienne Fauchère opened the first Kneedler Fauchère showroom in the Marine’s Memorial arcade in San Francisco. On September 12th, KF’s San Francisco showroom rolled out the red carpet for friends and family to join together in celebrating 70 incredible years as a driving force in the interior design industry. Partygoers enjoyed cake, signature cocktails, and a step-and-repeat style photo booth, as a video documenting the history of the company (featured below) played on a wall in the main gallery. The evening was capped with a rousing toast by Kneedler Fauchère President
Photos by Tammy Horton, for Nikki Ritcher Photography. Doug Kinzley, who led revelers in raising their glass to the future.

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Style is everything to a designer—we’re here to support that.

Designers deliver aesthetic solutions to clients through the lens of their own style. We at Kneedler Fauchere exist to support this process however we can. And although we can’t be everything to everyone, we partner and represent suppliers operating at the apex of the interiors industry, while anticipating the needs of the modern designer.