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At Kneedler Fauchere, we’re a lot of things. We’re dreamers and napkin doodlers and tinkerers and space improvers—but above all, we're believers. 

We believe in the power of design and the designer.

And we’ve flown that flag proudly since the late 1940s. Today, we stand for the same love and passion for the interior design industry that drove our founders all those decades ago. Come see us in our showrooms for a coffee and a chat, or join our online community for lively discussion and maybe a few new friends.

Latest From Here

Interview with Eric Valero, Creative Director, Nobilis

The best part of this whole KF: Here thing? It gives us an excuse to ask brilliant people questions we’ve always wanted the answers to. Thank you, Eric Valero, for taking the time.

Block Printing: Old, Simple, Stunning

Block printed fabric is arguably some of the most artistic, organic and beautiful fabric in the world. It is the oldest, simplest and most time-consuming form of textile manufacturing—which may explain why it can be the most expensive.

How much do you know about the age old, traditional and labor-intensive process? We thought a quick education as to how it all goes down would be noteworthy.

Are Faux Plants a Faux Pas?

There’s no question that houseplants provide a handful of benefits, whether it’s cleaner air, a pop of color, or something for our animals to chew on (JOKE…but so true, right?? What’s so yummy about my succulents any way, LOUIE?). So do you include them in your home or stylings? And if so, we’re sure you’re going to almost always opt for fresh, live plants that require maintenance, care, and constant attention. But hear us out for a second. Why not go for a carefully crafted faux plant that can fake that fresh, live look but also withstand a lifetime of neglect, darkness, and over-watering?

Introducing—KF: HERE

With a new look, a new logo and a fresh commitment to strike up dialog within this topsy turvy industry we all love; Kneedler Fauchère is happy to announce the launch of our monthly newsletter, “HERE.” HERE is geared toward you, the designer. It’s meant to explore fresh perspectives and points of view. From expert opinions to outsider observations, HERE will endeavor to offer a little perspective on our corner of the Interior Design industry.
Because no matter what your style, background or level of expertise, as designers, we’re all HERE, in it together.

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Style is everything to a designer—we’re here to support that.

Designers deliver aesthetic solutions to clients through the lens of their own style. We at Kneedler Fauchere exist to support this process however we can. And although we can’t be everything to everyone, we partner and represent suppliers operating at the apex of the interiors industry, while anticipating the needs of the modern designer.