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Paris 2020 — The Recap

2020. A new decade. A time to look forward. What better way to glimpse the future of design than a trip to Paris Déco Off. Epic parties. Inspiring presentations. And lots of shopping! We caught up with a few designers to get the low down on what went down this year in Paris.

Interview: Gary + Adam Glant talk textiles

What do Julia Child, Henry Moore, and Mark Rothko have in common? Wow... good guess! You're right, they would all be welcome guests at a dinner party with Gary and Adam Glant of internationally renowned Glant Textiles. We sat down with Gary and Adam to talk about their company’s Italian roots, owning their own mill, and their uniquely hands-on approach to textile production.

2019 SF Showhouse

Every year since 1977, a handful of ridiculously talented humans are selected to design a room in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase. We sat down with three of our favorite designers participating in this year’s showhouse, and picked their brains about their process, the sources of their inspiration, and which supplier’s products are #killingit this season.

Look Closer

"Look Closer," is a mantra we’ve recently adopted. To remind us that even though we literally work in the business of aesthetics, the objects we work with, the people we encounter, the experiences we help create—all, always, deserve more than a surface-level look.  

It’s in this spirit that we want to invite you to please help us LOOK CLOSER at this community—our community. If you’re a designer, artist, craftsperson, or student of design, we want to give you an opportunity to be seen and heard in a community feature. Drop us a line on our contact page and tell us why the community should take a closer look in our next installment of KF: HERE which goes out to our entire subscribed list of people whom all want to LOOK CLOSER.