Paris 2020 — The Recap

Tuesday, March 3, 2020written by Bryan Edwards
2020. A new decade. A time to look forward. What better way to glimpse the future of design than a trip to Paris Déco Off. Epic parties. Inspiring presentations. And lots of shopping! We caught up with a few designers to get the low down on what went down this year in Paris.



What is your main motivation for attending Paris Deco Off?

Attending Paris Deco Off is an electrifying source for inspiration for our work.  The city is buzzing with high design energy, and just being there surrounded with like-minded colleagues is a truly unique experience.  I also enjoy attending the fabric presentations and learning the concepts behind the collections.

One key highlight from the week that stood out?

The studio tour with Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert stands out by far.  We watched Jeremy along side his team create a cloud light fixture from start to finish.  Being a bystander while observing the skill, intensity, teamwork, and focus harmonize and create an art piece was extremely valuable. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with clients.  For me, seeing the process of creation validates the work's beauty on a richer level.

Safe to say we are all guilty of some personal shopping in Paris – what was your most coveted purchase?

I wish I had more time to personally shop! That is sadly my only regret.  I did enjoy the Paris Flea Market and scored some incredible one-of-a-kind finds for clients at the Paul Bert Flea Market.  We found pilasters that were once architectural frieze details on a facade of a 19 c. building. We are going to use them for sculpture and plants stands and create a lamp with one.

"Watching Jeremy at work was such a treat and to understand his unique glass blowing techniques and the level of mastery that is needed to create each piece was fascinating."



What is your main motivation for attending Paris Deco Off?

Fewer cities provide more style inspiration to us than Paris -the culture, the people, the fashion. Style knows no limits in Paris.

One key highlight that stood out?

The behind the scenes work involved in the design industry is immense and rarely gets the attention it deserves. Whether it’s fashion, interiors, fabric or furniture, we often pass over the process in a race to get to the finished product. One of the standout presentations of the week was given by Pierre Frey. The presentation included a video of the artistic process behind their new panoramic wallpapers, each of them as unique as the next. We were particularly moved by the technique behind the Mille Fleurs panoramic by Gaël Davrinche - an exceptionally striking floral motif in which the artist used only his hands to paint the piece. And speaking of Pierre Frey, one of the first photos we took in Paris was of the Pierre Frey facade dramatically draped in one of their gorgeous fabrics. It was so in line with the underlying Parisian philosophy that really anything goes.

Pierre Frey Presentation

Favorite product you discovered?

The Paris Flea Market is truly exceptional and left us completely inspired - and informed. We roamed from stand to stand, inside and out, circling back and around and through it all again. Each time we found something else that grabbed our attention. We spoke with the individual vendors and artisans and fell in love with all the ceramic styles from Vallauris during the ‘60s. The color palettes, architectural elements and furniture at Galerie Glustin rendered us speechless! Thank you to Rocky LaFleur and the Antiques Diva for providing us with the insider’s guide to navigating the market - we truly would’ve been lost without their expertise.

Most coveted purchase?

It’s near impossible to spend time in Paris and not channel your inner style chameleon. While walking from showroom to showroom, we were captured by the window of a charming, quaint jewelry store, 5 Octobre. We were quickly told the story of the founder of the company, a woman who left her law career to pursue her passion of making jewelry. Needless to say we loved the store, loved the jewelry and most of all loved that stylistically it was a departure for both of us. 

The trip also included a few culinary indulgences with a stop at Le Meurice + Cedric Grolet bakery for pastries. And no trip is complete without gifts for friends and family. We found the most beautiful combs and lovely fragrances at the infamous apothecary, Buly

"The Paris Flea Market is truly exceptional and left us completely inspired - and informed."



What is your main motivation for attending Paris Deco Off?

I have been attending Deco Off and Maison et Objet for almost ten years now: through 2019 always under the guidance of my mentor, Roger Thomas. Last year, as I began to consider opening my own studio, my conversations during Deco Off and the events surrounding it gave me the confidence and drive to take that leap of faith. This year, now as the owner of a design atelier, I returned to Deco Off with a fresh set of eyes – seeking items, craftsmen, and inspiration that are more specific to luxury residential design than luxury hospitality. Just as in the past, this was a trip for sourcing, but I approached it with the knowledge that I was essentially building up a new resource bank.

I was privileged to attend a special tour of the Ateliers Saint Jacques, a little more than an hour’s drive outside Paris. They are reviving the art forms that built France’s great cathedrals, and their artisans have been called upon to recreate the decorative features of Versailles, among other highly specialized recent commissions. My own work draws heavily on historical precedent and tradition but looks forward, and I was inspired to see how this group of incredible artisans were bringing arcane art forms into the service of our era. Their craftsmanship is sublime, and I walked away spinning with ideas to marry traditional learning with modern design thinking through their craft.

Ateliers Saint Jacques

I admit that I use my time in Paris not exclusively for Deco Off. I have always set aside inviolate time for the Flea Market and Maison et Objet – as they have been equally valuable resources over the years. My favorite discovery this year was a workshop I should probably have known about previously, but their little booth at Maison et Objet displayed the most extraordinary straw marquetry. I’m a sucker for that decorative form, and can’t wait to place an order.

I’m not sure how ‘coveted’ this will be for many, but my husband and I found a fabulous and not entirely un-punitive bleached-mustard colored concrete high back chair at the Marche Aux Puces. It’s the kind of thing you “sit in the corner” on, but it’s got a terrific silhouette and we think it will look great with a pile of books and maybe a plaster sculpture stacked atop it. Or maybe a seat cushion… we’ll see, but it needs to arrive home in Las Vegas in one piece first!

"I was inspired to see how this group of incredible artisans were bringing arcane art forms into the service of our era."


EJ Interior Design

Eugenia: It has always been on our bucket list to attend Paris Deco Off and this was the year to do it! Emma had recently joined the EJ Interior Design team and we were excited to experience all the events while having a mother daughter trip as well. We were also motivated to see the inspiration for the new collections and designs, further develop our relationships with creatives who make such beautiful textiles, wallcoverings, furniture + more and experience their process and products in a more hands on way.

Emma: The tour of Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert’s glass studio was a highlight and represented something we saw throughout the week with various visits and brands: flawless execution, exquisite craftsmanship, and innovative design concepts. Understanding the craft and sharing it with clients always makes a difference and we can’t wait to see some of his pieces in KF showrooms soon.

All things Pierre Frey. Their new collection drew from various exotic locations and was mixed with embroidered techniques, lush velvets, and majestic motifs.  We both have a love for the exotic, adventure and wanderlust and this collection really resonated with us. Pierre Frey’s quality, richness in color and bold designs are always a favorite and we also loved their new rug designs.  From the new collection presentation at the Automobile Club to a private archive tour at La Maison Pierre Frey to their lively after-party, team Pierre Frey was the winner of the week.

We didn’t have time to shop!! We did squeeze in an afternoon of antiquing. Emma and I both have a passion for all things tabletop.





What is your main motivation for attending Paris Deco Off?

Capturing the inspiration that Paris always inspires, while surrounded by incredible creativity, prints, and textiles. We often find that Europe is at the forefront of forecasting new trends - somewhat ironically, considering how it is also so wonderfully steeped in tradition and classic style.

One key highlight from the week that stood out?

Watching Raffaele and Caterina present the 2020 Dedar Collection was thrilling. Their passionate enthusiasm for the intricacy of textile details and pattern insights, and their hilarious banter, was beyond entertaining and filled us with inspiration for several current projects we have underway. It was absolutely worth the early-morning call time; as Aura said when we were strolling across the Pont Neuf en route, “CC, I have found the one thing that I don’t love about Paris: 8am.” 



Favorite product you discovered?

The Nobilis presentation (on a runway!) was also incredible. We loved their embroidered fabrics, textured sheers, and their increased offerings for double-width material - such a lovely bonus for reinterpreting walls with full-height draperies to create that intimate layer of texture and softness.

The Nobilis presentation (on a runway!) was also incredible.

Safe to say we are all guilty of some personal shopping in Paris – what was your most coveted purchase?

Well, we certainly supported the myriad souvenir shops with trinkets (and berets!) for our incredibly talented and hardworking staff of designers who remained in Colorado to keep our projects rolling forward. But we suppose the most coveted purchase would have to be when we found ourselves at Place Vendôme and happened to acquire some goods at Louis Vuitton - “work bags”, of course! #writeoff

Place Vendôme