Our Team

This is a family

Team - If it wouldn’t be completely confusing to our actual families, we’d change this section to read, FAMILY. Because “Team” hardly feels weighty enough to communicate the bond and solidarity we feel for one another here at KF. That said, in the interest of clarity, our Team at KF is the reason we still exist today and are still growing and thriving in this industry. Because the men and women who make up KF give their all—their hearts and souls—to making sure you have the absolute best experience at all stages of interaction. We truly are proud to serve you and grateful to get to work in this industry we love, every single day. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Our Team at KF is the reason we still exist today and are still growing and thriving.

Executive Team

George Massar

CEO, Creative Director

Though he’d never refer to himself this way, George is a visionary. He’s the axis around which this all-star team was assembled, and the one who consistently points the way forward. George is co-owner, CEO, and Creative Director here at KF - though those titles do little to encapsulate his true contribution. George joined KF in 1994 after being hand-picked by founders Harry and Dorothy Lawenda. Today, his more than 35 years of industry experience, spanning interior design, manufacturing and overseeing showrooms, help to inform his holistic approach to guiding KF towards bigger and better things. In 2004, George led the effort to purchase Gregorious-Pineo, where he now heads up product development for furniture, lighting, and wallcovering. George and his contagious passion for design are the beating heart of all things KF. 

Doug Kinzley


Every visionary needs an equal partner, a trusted strategist and experienced executive to help find and navigate the best path forward. For George, Doug Kinzley is that partner - full of wisdom, knowledge, and depth of business experience. Doug, KF’s co-owner and President, was recruited by George to join the KF family in 2004, and charged with taking over the showrooms so that George could shift focus to designing our Gregorius|Pineo collection. Doug’s value was indisputable, and over time his focus shifted to also include overseeing Gregorius|Pineo’s operations. George and Doug work hand-in-hand to develop short and long-term strategies for our entire organization – both the showroom and product sides.  In addition, Doug oversees finance for the entire company in conjunction with our VP of Finance - Quinn Tran. Doug’s background in marketing, strategic planning, advertising and PR (both as a business owner of his own successful consulting firm and as the partner in charge of West Coast operations for Ketchum, the 4th largest PR firm in the world) give him a unique perspective on helping to build and grow the KF brand. George and Doug’s joint leadership forms the foundation of Kneedler Fauchère.

Gina DeWitt

Gina DeWitt

President, KF Showrooms

It is said that great things often come in threes, which certainly seems to be the case when George and Doug completed their triumvirate of design excellence by recruiting Gina Dewitt in 2004. After initially joining the KF family to handle marketing and PR, Gina’s passion and talents led her to the showroom side of the business. Today, Gina oversees KF’s Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver showrooms from her home base in Los Angeles. Among her many contributions, Gina oversees sales, operations, HR, marketing and visuals for the showrooms, while acting as key liaison between KF and our supplier partners. To say Gina wears many hats would be a serious understatement - but somehow she manages to wear each one with signature grace and style. 


Mark Groeninger

Director of Sales, Los Angeles

Mark joined KF in early 2008. He began his time with us as National Sales Director for Gregorius-Pineo. When we experienced the need for leadership in our Los Angeles showroom, we asked Mark to take a temporary break from his GP role and come into the showroom for a year or two.  Eight years later, it’s clear that Mark has found his home.  Mark is responsible for overseeing sales and operations for the entire Southern California territory - including Las Vegas and Arizona. Mark is an industry vet and a true professional, with more than 35 years of experience doing everything from working in the sample library, to inside and outside sales, manufacturing, national sales, and showroom management. Mark has seen and done it all, and we couldn’t do what we do without him. 

Michael Pittman

Director of Sales, San Francisco

In this, or any other industry, it can be difficult to keep true talent a secret for long. Such was the case with our dear Michael, who was recruited away from his first position with KF many years ago as the company’s top sales rep and eventually landed at Holly Hunt as the Regional Sales Director where he traveled throughout the country to help grow sales and provide in-depth training. Fortunately for our KF team, Michael returned to our family in 2014 and oversees sales and operations for our SF showroom. An artist to his core, Michael understands the aesthetic part of our showroom while his cool, analytical side allows him to guide sales growth. Michael is the whole package and a valued member of our team.  

Tim George

Director of Sales, Denver

Since 2012, Tim has employed his many talents in service of managing our Denver team. Tim oversees sales and operations for our five-state Denver territory (Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Wyoming).  While his leadership there has been invaluable, it’s in his secondary role in outside sales for Salt Lake City residential where Tim often shines brightest. These trips keep Tim very in-tune with our customers’ needs and desires, which helps KF as a whole to better serve our valued customers. Before joining KF, Tim was running Denver’s multi-line Shanahan showroom.  We look forward to many more successful years in Denver under Tim’s leadership.