Gregorius Pineo

Gregorius Pineo is a story of Artisanal Couture, where passion, innovation and artistry meld to reveal the intrinsic beauty of a material through handcraftsmanship. Based in Los Angeles, Gregorius Pineo (GP) owners George Massar and Doug Kinzley have stood fast in their choice to preserve a legacy of artisan made-to-order furnishings, and to serve as a partner in bringing a designer's vision to fruition. As a unified product house of furniture, lighting, wallcovering, textiles and accessories, under the creative direction of George Massar, we seek to continually evolve. This holds true of our styles, however equally important is an evolution of our materials, textures, and finishes. With a new Generation II website, G|P present this unified vision, the convenience of one-stop-shopping, and those “aah” moments of inspiration. Our door is open to your ideas.