The SIRAK collection of planters draws inspiration from the crosscurrents of ancient civilizations that once flourished in the Mediterranean basin. Drawing from the cultural and artistic achievements of the Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Byzantine, and Persian civilizations, the collection pays homage to the enduring allure of Antiquity.

Each planter encapsulates a distilled essence of historical reference, abstracting classical shapes into minimalist forms. This subtle yet deliberate fusion of historical motifs with contemporary simplicity serves to create a dialogue between past and present while adapting to modern design sensibilities.

Much like the vessels that held artistic treasures in ancient times, these works assume the role of cradling and presenting living sculptures - plants. Their purpose transcends functional containment; they become modern-day artifacts elevating the plant to covetable status and displaying them as collectible objects. 

In essence, the collection reflects the deep reverence that ancient civilizations held for nature, acknowledging its profound influence on artistic creation, and the Deities thought to preside over the drama of the natural world. Beyond serving as mere vessels, they invite a continuation of our own dialogue with nature and a tangible link to the timeless inspiration it provides.