Are Faux Plants a Faux Pas?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017written by Kelly Gomez
There’s no question that houseplants provide a handful of benefits, whether it’s cleaner air, a pop of color, or something for our animals to chew on (JOKE…but so true, right?? What’s so yummy about my succulents any way, LOUIE?). So do you include them in your home or stylings? And if so, we’re sure you’re going to almost always opt for fresh, live plants that require maintenance, care, and constant attention. But hear us out for a second. Why not go for a carefully crafted faux plant that can fake that fresh, live look but also withstand a lifetime of neglect, darkness, and over-watering?

Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking, “Faux plants?? Like the silk flowers you get from Michael’s with the wire stem you stick into the green moss sponge thing? With the fabric-ky leaves that look like your Uncle Rupert’s old suit?”  

Well, here’s the deal. The faux plant game has changed and there are some really incredible options out there. They’re really, honestly worth taking a look at, even if for no other reason than to confirm your staunch opposition to them.

The New Faux

But remember...

So, if you’re ready to explore an unpopular option, just remember these considerations:

Not all fake plants are created equal!

As with anything, there are some high-end options, and there are cheap options. The point of using fake plants is to not call attention to the fact that they are fake. Naturally, higher end options look more like the real thing than they look fake.

The good news about spending a little more money on them is that they will quite literally last forever, unlike the live alternatives who will spite us with dried-out withered leaves (or death) if we go out of town for the summer and forget to have them watered.

Buy options that have imperfections.

In reality, houseplants have leaves that don’t look absolutely perfect—if your fake plants look perfect then they’ll call attention to the fact that they’re fake.

Location. Location. Location.

Place the plants in a spot in your home that would be an appropriate placement for a real house plant. If you place a fake plant in a dark hallway, it’s gonna raise some questions.

Mix & Match.

Mix in some real plants with your fake ones. This will help camouflage the phony ones and give you the added benefits of live plants—with half the amount of maintenance.

faux plants
Yup, these are all faux plants!


What's your take on fake?

There you have it. Now that you know how to incorporate faux plants into your mix, what do you think? Are you open to the maintenance-free beauties or would you prefer to keep it real and continue to use live plants?

Have we spoken sacrilege?