Wednesday, February 14, 2024written by Erik Haig
We are excited to introduce the first wallcovering collaboration between Gregorius Pineo and Fameed Khalique.

We sat with Fameed to learn more about his background, unique inspirations, and aspirations for
future collections.
Fameed Khalique

Fameed, we understand you were raised in a multicultural household where you developed an appreciation for diverse aesthetics – how does your upbringing still influence your work today?

I think my background sparked a creative and innovative mindset, allowing me to draw from a wide range of influences. It certainly helps bring a distinctive and inclusive perspective to what I do. My parents are from Pakistan and came from very humble beginnings. But they both had a great sense of style and curiosity and I like to think I inherited that from them.





You have a background in fashion and even worked alongside your brother in the leather industry for some time – what lessons do you value most from those experiences?

I really didn’t know much about the interior design industry until I began working with my brother. His company was one of the very first to create leather interiors from walls through to floors. It was here that I started to appreciate innovation as a key driver and developed my passion for all kinds of surfaces. When I started Fameed Khalique Ltd in 2008 I knew that having a keen eye for detail, being agile and responsive and, going that extra mile for clients by offering the best service were key lessons to take with me.



“My multicultural background sparked a creative and innovative mindset allowing me to draw from a wide range of influences.”


You’ve created a gorgeous and innovative collection of wallcoverings in collaboration with Gregorius Pineo – tell us about your choice of material and how you approached the designs. And if you had to choose, which design/s would be your favorite?

One of the inspirations behind our wood veneer collection was to create a more accessible alternative to straw marquetry and I think we have achieved that. Like straw marquetry the collection has a strong Art Deco feel to it. I love the colors we’ve selected. Each design looks utterly glamorous and it’s also very versatile and, as well as walls, can be used on ceilings, doors and in joinery. It’s hard to pick favorites but I love the drama of “Warner” and “Clarke”.





Who inspires you today as a designer?

We’re an international company so work all over the world. I love the work of Tony Ingrao in New York, Chahan in Paris, and Martin Kemp in London. I have always been drawn to fashion and it certainly has an influence on the materials I love to work with. I’m still a huge fan of Yves Saint Laurent for example and his fantastic use of pattern, color, and global influences.



Rapid Round



New Year’s Resolution?
To say ‘YES’ more.

Manicured, formal gardens or unbridled, natural landscapes? Why?
Manicured for sure. I love symmetry and a well-structured, beautiful formal layout. They exude a sense of precision, glamour, and sophistication. Think Versailles!

The sweetest sound?
Making of a perfect vodka martini.

Favorite restaurant?
My current favorite is newly opened in my home city of London called Bebe Bob. It only serves roast chicken (which is my favorite meal) and combined with their starters of caviar, how could you go wrong!

Unsung hero?
My father – I wish I’d appreciated his influence on me more when he was still with us.

Fan of AI, or a critic?
It’s still early days, but a fan, I think. It can make life so much easier in many ways.