Introducing—KF: HERE

Thursday, October 12, 2017written by Kelly Gomez
With a new look, a new logo and a fresh commitment to strike up dialog within this topsy turvy industry we all love; Kneedler Fauchère is happy to announce the launch of our monthly newsletter, “HERE.” HERE is geared toward you, the designer. It’s meant to explore fresh perspectives and points of view. From expert opinions to outsider observations, HERE will endeavor to offer a little perspective on our corner of the Interior Design industry.
Because no matter what your style, background or level of expertise, as designers, we’re all HERE, in it together.


Do you ever feel like, as a designer, the content available in print or digital media is geared more to our clients and less to the designer? Where do we go to relate, to check in with our peers and just see what’s going on out there? Yes, there are plenty of magazines showcasing beautiful interiors that we love and often drool over—but that’s not totally what we’re going for with HERE. Within our posts, we’ll seek to inspire conversation, debate, enlightenment, education and give insiders further insight into how other designers are approaching the industry, what they’re experiencing and how they’re handling it. We’ll post relevant content wherever we find it - not just in stories that include celebrity clients.

We’ll be equally excited whether you agree or disagree with us on certain points. We want to foster conversation.

This, HERE, is your community as much is it is ours.

HERE is now.
HERE is yours.

What to expect...

You’ll find content that speaks to designers. That lives in the trenches and shares the same experiences you do. We promise to strive to be evocative, inquisitive, and unafraid. And hopefully in doing so we’ll create something of interest and value to you. We’ll talk with designers to get their honest opinions about how the wheels really turn in the back of the ol ID machine and experiences that have been memorable and insightful to them.

We'd love to hear from you!

We encourage you to chime in! Tell us what you think, suggest posts, pitch contributions and generally let us know how we’re doing!

We’re really excited and hope you’ll meet us back HERE every month!