Wednesday, October 10, 2018written by Brian Nichols
In 1948, Dorothy Kneedler and Lucienne Fauchère opened the first Kneedler Fauchère showroom in the Marine’s Memorial arcade in San Francisco. On September 12th, KF’s San Francisco showroom rolled out the red carpet for friends and family to join together in celebrating 70 incredible years as a driving force in the interior design industry. Partygoers enjoyed cake, signature cocktails, and a step-and-repeat style photo booth, as a video documenting the history of the company (featured below) played on a wall in the main gallery. The evening was capped with a rousing toast by Kneedler Fauchère President
Photos by Tammy Horton, for Nikki Ritcher Photography. Doug Kinzley, who led revelers in raising their glass to the future.

KF:History Timeline

KF:70th SF Event

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