Out of a Rut and Back in the Groove

Monday, February 12, 2018written by Kelly Gomez
If Creativity were an animal, it’d likely be a cat. One moment, kitty’s curled sweetly up in your lap, and the next, it’s a defiant ball of fluff and claw bent on your destruction. Editor’s note: Or, alternatively, one second Fido’s obediently bringing you the newspaper, and the next, methodically gnashing your favorite shoes to bits—if you’re a dog person. :)

In other words, Creativity is a fickle, complicated beast with a taste for betrayal.

So when creativity or inspiration doesn’t behave in the way you want, it’s tough to get things back on track. So how do some designers tackle this very common problem?

Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors says:

“I think the main thing that I do if I need inspiration is go out in nature, being outside helps me clear my head and think of new solutions that I get bogged down with when I'm not inspired. Also trying new things also helps me get re-inspired even if it's restaurants or new ways to drive different places. I think it's just nice to use a different part of your brain and (it) gets the creative juices flow going!”

Kathryn Arntzen, Director of Carolina Irving Textiles contributes:

“When I'm feeling really stuck/bored/uninspired, one visual source I like to reference is World of Interiors. I can't remember the column name but it's where they feature new things and I almost always find a new line, artist, craft that inspires me and sends me down an inspired internet rabbit hole. Another tool I utilize when I'm uninspired is to look at things differently - literally. Get on a chair and look down on your project or crouch down and view it at a low angle. There's something about literally changing your perspective that gets me flowing again.  (Bonus: this is also a great tool to use if you've misplaced something in a room, lol!)”

inspiration is everywhere

For us, no matter what we’ve got going on or how tight a deadline we’re under, if we’ve hit a creative wall—it’s all about “the walk away.” Go get some fresh air, rock out a hike or even take a walk around the block. Getting outside, away from technology (no texting, phone calls, emails ?) really helps get us re-energized to sit back down and attack a problem with a fresh pair of eyes.

That and margaritas & caffeine.

What inspires you?

And what about you? How do you get yourself to that excited state of inspired? We’d love to know!